Henry Sugar - Wine Bar & Restaurant
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5:45pm and 8:30pm
6 COURSES. $115pp.

Henry Sugar in collaboration with Vanguard and Mextrade will be hosting a Mexican/Australian tasting menu paired with rare and exciting Mezcal and tequila uniting the soul of Australia and the spirit of Mexico.

The dishes will showcase Mexican flavours and techniques using Australian produce over six courses. You will see charcoal baked pineapple alongside a smoky Mezcal-caramel granita. Or refreshing cucumber sorbet with watermelon, lime and chilli.  The main dish of Turkey and mole will use Leadoux free range turkey from Gippsland paired with a Pechuga Mezcal which is distilled with a turkey breast suspended inside the still.

Over the six inventive courses, expect to taste Mezcal made from agave that take over 35 years to mature. It's all hand made on a small scale using traditional techniques which date back centuries.

The generally accepted common knowledge that Mezcal began as a result of the Spanish introducing distillation has been recently challenged with evidence suggesting there was Mezcal being made as far back as 400 bc.

When you experience the exciting aromas coming off the Mezcal it's easy to understand why it is one of the most important drinks of the nation.

The event will be hosted by Jorge and Merlin from Mextrade and Vanguard respectively, a couple of agave gurus that import the holy spirit for a living. They will be talking through each pairing and guiding your journey into the liquid soul of Mexico.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options available. Please advise of any dietaries at time of booking.