Henry Sugar Bar - Cocktail & Wine Bar, Restaurant

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For larger groups, or if you're having trouble booking, please call 03 9448 8196 or shoot us an email hello@henrysugar.com.au

Groups over six who wish to dine in the restaurant section will be put onto the Henry Sugar menu, a six course casual-style degustation, alternatively, seating in the bar area is available for groups up to 10 and is perfect for more casual group dining.

If you're celebrating a special event, we have a skilled pastry chef who'd love to cater to your cake needs. We do not allow BYO purchased cakes.

Henry Sugar presents itself as a wine bar, don't be fooled though, the food is central to the concept. The whole thing is stripped back, pared down, unfussy. It’s rustic food, but considered with a thoughtful sophistication behind each dish, presented with just a few elements with appropriate techniques applied to showcase the qualities of those ingredients. 

“Simple, smart and delicious”  

Dishes are all designed to be shared, and while delicious on their own, there are some cracking combinations. These are highlighted in the 'Henry Sugar menu', a six course casual degustation style dinner, with multiple dish combinations per course. The menu changes regularly enough to keep the tasting menu fresh each visit, and can be easily tailored to dietaries or requests.

A lot of care and attention is paid to vegetable based dishes, or vegetarian twists on typically carnivorous endeavours, such as the du Puy lentil parfait, with no livers in sight.

The drinks list follows the same considered approach, everything is there for a reason. The short original cocktail list rotates classically oriented drinks with a slight modern twist, wines focus on small producers and are mostly organic or biodynamic, the five taps pour local craft brews. There is a house cocktail on tap, typically pouring something aperitif in style, changing constantly, which ties in great with the list of sherries and unique fortifieds. For the non-drinkers, soda's are fermented naturally in house using seasonal produce, and coffee is supplied by Small Batch.